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Second episode of Rio TV for Spetember 28th, 2018

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Katie Newton Loves Running

Uploaded by rioamericanomedia on 2018-09-27.

Horror Film Festival 2018 – 1st place: Dead Static

D̶e̵a̶d̴ ̴S̴t̴a̷t̴i̸c̸

this is our entry for the 2018 Rio Americano horror film contest!! EDIT: WE GOT FIRST PLACE!!!!!

Horror Film Festival 2018 – 2nd place: Mask


A short horror film for a competition. thanks to my friends for being in it

Horror Film Festival 2018 – 3rd place: Spooky Bear: The Prologue

(Viewer’s discretion is advised: this video has graphic content that could be considered violent and disturbing. Proceed at your own risk!)

Spooky Bear: The Prologue

This is the prologue to a full length horror movie that I am making. I hope you like this prologue.

Horror Film Festival 2018 – 4th place: Untitled

Rio Americano High School Horror Movie Competition 2018 (Non Canon)

This is my submission to my schools Horror film competition. The parameters followed for the competition were Supernatural and Golf club (It’s hard to see but the figure outside the window in the second shot has one) I did not create any of the music in this video.


Rio Americano High School