Photo By Jalen Naran

A mountain bike jump track Gauthier found located near William B. Pond off of the American River Bike Trail.

Coronavirus Journal Entry #6

Junior Nathan Gauthier escapes his house on his mountain bike

40 days. 40 days of attempting to find activities that reduce my boredom and attempting to pursue my education.

It’s strange to think that I’ve existed in any other form of education except for this online platform that we call “distanced learning.” I’m almost ashamed of myself for adjusting to this new norm so quickly. FaceTiming my friends is more common than actually seeing them.

Our groceries are delivered to us, and we wipe down every single item that we purchase. I only go out of my house to get any items that we need, or to mountain bike.

Sleeping has become a consistent cycle of staying up incredibly late in order to wake up late the next day. Time seems to drag on, like flies struggling to escape molasses.

And yet, I’ve still managed to find some joy in my cycle of boredom.

Mountain biking has become an escape for me over the past few weeks: A combination of fresh air and picturesque scenery frees my mind from the stress that weighs on my shoulders.

The thought still lingers in my mind… we are truly experiencing history in the making. As I exist, I am creating memories that I will tell to my children and grandchildren that recreate my experience during this pandemic. Until then, I suppose I’ll just continue to find new ways to amuse myself.

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