Coronavirus Journal Entry #4

Senior Lauren McDougal bakes and hopes to have a traditional graduation

Sometimes it is hard to limit my going out and doing things because now that we have been quarantined I realize how much I miss doing it. Due to staying in the house so much, my brothers being off of work, and my parents being home, I have actually had to interact with them on a day to day basis and we are running out of things to talk about. It is nice to be home and able to relax while taking different classes online and hanging out with my cats and such but also the biggest downside of all of this to me is that I’m meant to graduate this year. All the counselors say that graduation will not be canceled, we will still graduate on time, etc but if this quarantine extends past June what if the senior class does not get to graduate? I have a bad habit of getting caught in the thought cycle of what if things get worse, what if I do not get to go college, what if my family gets sick and so on, then I stress bake. At least a positive coming out of this is I have gotten really good at making cookies. I have a total of eight people in my household, even though the government says we shouldn’t have gatherings of over six, so all the cookies get eaten and such but the stress-relieving part of baking is lessening due to doing it much so that’s another downside.


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