Photo By Samantha Klein

Senior Samantha Klein wears a mask on one of her walks outside, enjoying the fresh air.

Coronavirus Journal Entry #2

Senior Samantha Klein hopes to return to school

This month of having no school is extremely difficult. I know it is important to continue working hard and doing homework so that when we (hopefully) get back to school our brains aren’t too fried but it is so difficult to get the motivation to work hard when I don’t even know if I will be going back to school let alone when. I am doing my best to social distance and not see other people unless we’re outdoors on a walk (as that has been said to be okay) but it’s so difficult only being able to interact face to face with my family. I am trying to get outside everyday even if it’s just to walk a block because I want to make sure I am getting fresh air. I also made a schedule that I am trying to stick to so that I am productive and my time doesn’t get all messed up. My favorite thing that I’m doing is a new dance everyday on tik tok. Even if it takes me like two minutes to learn and film it, it’s something I look forward to everyday. Hope everyone is having a great corona-cation and crossing my fingers that we will actually be back at school in April.


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