Gorman spends time with her Chihuahua during quarantine.

Coronavirus Journal Entry #1

Senior Annalee Gorman tries to stay occupied

It has been five days since the school shut down because of the coronavirus, but the repercussions of the nationwide shutdown have had a resounding effect on the community. The streets are eerily empty, and no one dares to emerge from their homes. As a senior waiting to graduate, I cannot help but feel anxious for the future and what is in store. As of now, my graduation ceremony is not guaranteed along with the remainder of my school year. It is surreal to think that last Friday could’ve been my last goodbye to most of my classmates. With a month (at least) without school, this break has been proven to be anything but relaxing. The state is on lockdown and everything I like doing is shutdown. I was looking forward to working for the Rivercats and saving money for college, but I was laid off due to the spread of the virus. Keeping myself occupied has been challenging. Mostly, I listen to music and nap; maybe study for my upcoming AP Calculus test if I feel up for it. I still feel like I’ve had no time to process everything. It’s distressing to stay optimistic when everything is placed on hold and when I’m limited to wandering around my house for entertainment. AP testing and finals are right around the corner, but there are no teachers to help us prepare. There are so many questions to be asked, but no one to answer them. The world seems frozen and I am patiently waiting for a sign of improvement. For now, I have to remember to take things one step at a time.


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