PC ain’t it Chief

The Red Phoenix

“The Red Phoenix political-correctness”

Michael Mehrdadi, Wed Editor-in-Chief

After reading the title you’re probably thinking it has something to do with gaming, however, it is quite the opposite. While PC can be an abbreviation for a computer in this essay I’m using it to abbreviate political correctness. Political correctness is not using language that any group of people feel is unkind or offensive. This may not seem bad at first, if it’s not appropriate don’t say it. For example, you probably shouldn’t just say something insulting or blatantly rude to a group just to get a reaction.  Technically if political correctness was a law then we would live in a country where no one would be offended right? Sadly that ain’t it chief. The problem with shielding all potentially offensive opinions from anyone is they never really hear any opposing opinions. This becomes problematic because if someone is always told they are right their entire life it becomes a pretty big shocker when another person suddenly comes around and tells you that what you believe is wrong. There are actually a lot of examples on the internet of people losing their cool and making complete fools of themselves, just because someone said something that they deemed offensive. I mean all you have to do is type “triggered” on youtube and you will be flooded with thousands of hours of epic content. Of course these videos are purposely provoking a reaction most of the time but still, I think there is something to be said about them.

It becomes a larger issue than a single offended person, when that offended individual starts an offended group and a group of just a bunch of angry individuals who tries to police what people say is never and will never be a good thing. Unfortunately, nowadays this group is very big and is most prevalent on the internet. They flat out attack someone in swarms if they dare say something that is somewhat offensive. For example when  Justine Sacco tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”, and was attacked with a mob of PC warriors, and ended up losing her job over a bad joke. Now that was three years ago but, things haven’t gotten any better, I would argue that they have become worse. For example, Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber or more commonly known as the whole google memos situation where a Google engineer was fired from his job for daring to argue against the gender pay gap. Which the fact that people think it’s still a thing is an example of the truth not being accepted just because it could be offensive. Also, one thing that you have to consider is that when someone loses their job over something as stupid as a joke, It becomes very difficult to find a new job. So is it really worth ruining someone live over a bad joke or a political opinion?  

Then you have comedy, now comedians I feel shouldn’t have to worry about whether their joke is offensive because having a completely PC joke will almost never be funny. The reason that comedians are funny most of the time is that they say crazy things aka what they want to. Nowadays there are these mobs of people who think comedy should be PC. Those people don’t like comedy. Also here are some of the hundreds of examples of comedians having to apologize because their joke was “too edgy.” Some example includes Amy Schumer who joking posted “I used to date Hispanic guys, but now I prefer consensual.” on Twitter in 2010, She was forced to apologize. Then you have Stephen Colbert who makes a joke about “The Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation” where he was met with mobs of angry people calling him racist and lots of great other stuff, they even started a hashtag: #CancelColbert. Anyway, I could list examples all day.

Finally, you have an anti-pc culture(basically a group of edge lords) that is usually a direct result of the ongoing PC culture. Anti-pc culture is basically someone purposely saying something extremely sensitive or offensive to get a reaction from people who are in a minority or people who believe in pc culture. What you see is communities building upon these pc or anti-pc beliefs like “4Chan” and “Tumblr.” When these two groups get in an argument no one wins(no seriously it was bad).

To conclude, I believe that political correctness is one of the biggest threats to the freedom of speech in this modern day and age due to its sort of childish aspect. It’s like “everyone is a child and we should protect them from those evil opposite opinions” sort of mentality which I would say is unhealthy for a modern society. Unfortunately, due to everyone’s internet activity being so accessible, this has led to a social justice problem where people who have made a racist joke seven years ago could be fired now. Also, I believe that comedy should be free from any form of political correctness. I guess all I have to say is pc ain’t it Chief.