How to stay safe on Halloween

Halloween is the night when one can have fun wearing and looking at costumes and also when one can let loose shenanigans under a scary ensemble, not to mention getting free treats. But Halloween is also the perfect night for any potentially dangerous activities under the cover of darkness. Thankfully, you can avoid trouble by using common sense and a few tips to keep yourself (and your friends) safe.

-Always, always, always have company, or at least be near other people. There’s no telling what could happen if you’re alone.

-Carry a cell phone.

-Wear something with a color that’s bright enough to see in the dark. The biggest threat on the streets are cars. You want to make yourself as noticeable as possible, even if it may conflict with whatever you’re going to wear. Or you can just carry a light source.

-If you’re driving, pay extra attention in residential areas, and especially to curbs.

-If you plan on trick-or-treating, plan a route ahead of time, and stay within an area you know that’s safe. Try to keep yourself in lighted areas.

-Generally, tainted candy is one of the lesser dangers of Halloween. Still, if you’ve got an inkling of suspicion, examine whatever you’re going to eat carefully.

-Avoid confrontations. There are plenty of horror stories out there involving unnecessary death due to a conflict.

-Though kidnapping and/or molestation are dangers greatly outweighed by car collisions, it’s still a good idea to be on guard. The number one rule here is to use common sense.