We’re the Millers – a movie review

The movie starts out summarizing up the life of David Clark (Jason Sudeikis), a drug dealer.

In his attempt to help latchkey Kenny (Will Poulter), his quirky neighbour, he gets mugged by thugs and loses all of his money from dealing pot. He is forced to do a favor for his boss Brad (Ed Helms) with a what seemed to be an “easy job” of smuggling “just a smidge and half” of marijuana across the Mexican border. To improve his odds of making it past the border, David comes up with the idea to have what seems like a normal family, to help his chances of looking unsuspicious .

He attempts to ask his neighbor, the out-of-work stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston), to play the role of his wife, Kenny as his son, and another apparently homeless girl Casey, (Emma Roberts) to play his daughter, and act like they are on a family vacation.

David makes all of them get a makeover, so with new clothes and haircuts, they take a plane to Mexico as a clean “Miller family.”After they land in Mexico they begin to freak out when they realise that nearly two tons of marijuana have to be brought back into the US.

No matter the obstacles,David risks everything and ensures that the others adhere to his plans.The road-trip from Mexico back to the US is one hell of a ride filled with adventure. The actors each filled the roles perfectly. Jason Sudeikis looked so natural in his character David.

Jennifer Aniston also did an amazing job filling in her role as the mother. Will Poulter and Emma Roberts fit into their roles as the children perfectly.

But to me, the roles Kathryn Hahn as Edie, and Nick Offerman as Don, of the conservative and messed-up Fitzgerald family, make the dynamics of the film so much better.

They add a certain element to weird plot-points of the narration. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber manages to throw in some memorable parts but unfortunately, it does not have the same zing as his movie  `Dodgeball` had, which was incredibly ridiculous and hilarious.

But overall, We’re The Millers is a good adult comedy that you will not want to forget for some time.