Rollercoaster season so far for v-ball

As the varsity volleyball team sets off the season with 3 wins and 3 loses, they prepare for their first league game against rival El Camino.  The girls on the team have prospective outlooks as the season started off with a fair amount of wins and loses.

Their biggest wins being against Placer and Bella Vista.  And most memorable moment being when sophomore Stephanie Keenan nailed a girl on the Roseville team in the face, leaving a mark for the rest of the match.

Although they have had a rough preseason, the team looks forward to the league where they hope to earn a league title over El Camino.

“I think the El Camino game will be a great game.  Although we have lost to teams they beat, they have also lost to teams we have beat.  So, I think we are pretty evenly matched.  I think its just a matter of who wants it more and who wants to put in the extra effort to pull through with the victory,” said senior Sydney Steele.

The team’s motto for this season has become effort.  Coach John Grix starts off every practice with a quote.

“We use the quote of the day to try to put things into perspective:  things we need to get better at mentally and physically.  It’s a good way to create a focal point for the team to base their goals on for the practice,” Grix said.

Having a central focus at every practice keeps the girls on track to achieve any personal and team goals.  One of those goals being to go undefeated in league.

Last season the team shared a league title with El Camino, but now they strive to go undefeated in league.

The first game against El Camino quickly approaches, but through pre-season games the girls have prepared for it.

“The best game of the season, in my opinion was the one against Roseville, although we lost, it was a really fun game to play.  The rowdy raiders were there and the atmosphere in the gym was just really exciting and intense,” said junior Brooke Watson.

Having the rowdy raiders at the game pumped up the girls, and even after a close match the rowdy raiders led the girls out with a tunnel.

Come to their first league match against El Camino on October 3 at 6:30 at El Camino.  It should be a great match as the teams battles against their rival school; both striving to win the league title.