MLB race to October in full swing

As the MLB season is coming to an end, the playoff race is getting even tighter. Only two teams have clinched a playoff birth, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox.

The National League Wild Card race doesn’t have any serious contenders other than the Pirates and the Reds who have been neck and neck. The next closest teams are the Nationals, who are five games back, and the Diamondbacks, who are nine and a half games back.

The American League Wild Card race is very close on the other hand with the Rays and the Rangers in the lead. The Indians, Orioles, Royals, and Yankees are all within three games with around ten games remaining in the season.

The Dodgers made a huge turnaround in the middle of the year which was lead by the young sensation Yasiel Puig who is one of the favorites for National League Rookie of the Year.

The Red Sox made the playoffs for the first time since 2009 thanks to their great batting and to John Farrell who has been quite successful in his first year as the Red Sox head coach.

The teams you should look out for in the playoffs are the playoffs are the Braves, the Tigers, and the Cardinals.

The Braves have the best record versus playoff teams and teams with a winning record. They also have arguably the best pitching in all of baseball which is extremely important if you want to win a World Series.

The Tigers have the second best record versus playoff team and teams with a winning record. They are the best batting team in the league and they have a good pitching staff.

Their star player on offense is Miguel Cabrera who has been nothing but spectacular in the last couple of season, winning the first Triple Crown in forty-six years. Max Scherzer, who is nineteen and three this season, and Justin Verlander, recent AL MVP are the leaders of this pitching staff.

The Cardinals on the other hand look like the best team overall with great consistent batting, a very deep pitching staff, and a solid defense. They look like one of the only teams in the National League that can keep up with the scoring of these American League teams who are stacked offensively.

The Cardinals and the Dodgers are the only two teams in the National League that look like they can take the World Series away from the American League.

With that said, an American League team will win the World Series. Whether it’s the Tigers, the Rangers, or the Red Sox, one of them will be the champions.