Water polo team makes waves

With the first game of the 2013-2014 water polo season fast approaching, head coach Tyson Frenn has been preparing the teams for yet another undefeated season.

“I am very excited about this year. Two of our captains, Connor Jang and Luke Hastie, are planning to win their fourth consecutive section title, something that has never been done before. The girls are training to be a top team in the Sac-Joaquin section. It’s going to be a great year,” Frenn said.

With the girls water polo team winning sections 9 times in 10 years, the girls are hard at work to win that number 11.

“Our two great coaches are really going to help us step up our game to win sections,” junior Hayley Baker said.

The boys who have won the last three years  are also preparing to win yet again. “One of our goals this season is to win sections and if we do, we will have won all four years of my highschool career,” said senior Alec Anderson. Winning sections for both teams would send the graduating seniors out with a bang.

This new season has brought in a record breaking 42 new freshman players. Joining a new team as a freshman can be very scary and intimidating.

“I’m excited because I get to play against harder teams. I can not wait to improve! It is all very exciting but intimidating,” said freshman Laura Heberle.

Both of the coaches are really excited about all the new players. “We have a huge growth in players, enough to have a separate J.V. and varsity practice for both boys and girls,” Frenn said.

The number of freshman gives the program hope that the water polo program will last. “We have 20 freshman players, which will be great for the program in the future,” Anderson said.

With all the new players, the J.V. teams will be sure to set a record setting number of wins.

This is coach Tyson Frenn’s second year as both the boy’s and the girls coach. Both teams love Frenn’s coaching style and his love for the game.

“Tyson has great technique coaching skills, he really helps us through it,” Heberle said. The team also has two great assistant coaches, Joey Frantz and Eric Johnson.

“I am very excited for this season due to the fact that I have the world’s best assistant coaches,” said Frenn.

The water polo team is sure to continue to work hard and to improve during the season. Though Sections is months away, both the boys team and the girls keep that goal of being section winners in the back of their mind.