Kings rebuild through draft picks

NBA fans across the nation are eager to find out how the incoming rookies will help their team, whether it’s in the long run or right away. Like every year, this 2013 draft class has players with a lot of hype and players who could surprise everyone with a great career in the NBA.

In this year’s draft, the Sacramento Kings drafted Kansas shooting guard Ben McLemore with the seventh overall pick. In the second round, the Kings selected point guard Ray McCallum out of Detroit.

McLemore was easily the biggest steal in the draft. He was a for sure top three pick and every Kings fan out there was in awe when his name was still on the board after six picks.

The Kings have had a recent rookie of the year award winner with Tyreke Evans, who was traded this offseason for point guard Greivis Vasquez from the newly renamed New Orleans Pelicans.

With Vasquez at point guard, newly acquired Carl Landry at power forward, and current Kings star DeMarcus Cousins at center, McLemore should be a great fit for this rebuilding organization.

New head coach, Michael Malone, along with the rest of the new coaching staff, will get this team going in the right direction with some great new players to work with.

With all that in mind, McLemore will be a close second or third for rookie of the year in this upcoming season. He will be an effective player with a lot of talent, but he will simply not have as good of a season as a couple other rookies in the league.

He will have one of the best overall careers of all the 2013 draft picks and he, along with Cousins, will make the Kings a long time threat in the NBA as they once were in the early 2000’s.

The Orlando Magic’s 2nd overall pick Victor Oladipo, shooting guard from Indiana, will take home the “Edward Gottlieb Trophy” this year when he wins the NBA rookie of the year award.

Oladipo has as much athleticism as anyone in the league currently. He will be a huge asset for the struggling Magic who had the worst record in the NBA a year ago.

Along with his athleticism, he is an elite defensive playmaker and he has an amazing ability to get to the basket.

He will have a great year with all of his wonderful talent, but the Orlando Magic will continue to perform terribly with their new coach and their lack of star power which is much needed in the NBA nowadays.

So without a rookie of the year winner next year, the local Sacramento Kings will be heading in the right direction for a very bright future.