Rio Index

Maddie Jang, Staff Writer

Number of students on campus: 1526
Number of seniors: 378
Cost of an iPhone 5: $750
Cost of Tesoro: $75
Cost of Mirada: $0
Number of Mirada’s printed each month: 1,200
Number of students taking newspaper: 23
Average newspaper students who come a work night: 2.75
Number of views for “Gangnam Style” on YouTube: 1,583,745,252
Number of views for “How Animals Eat Their Food” on YouTube: 57,395,292
Number of views “Rio Americano Sports Center” on YouTube: 3,728
Number of stitches on a baseball: 108
Number of stitches Kevin Ware got: 300
Number of times Lindsay Lohan has been arrested: 16
Number of Kardashian/Jenner children: 10
Number of texts on average a teenager sends a day: 60
Number of hours on average a teenager spends listening to music a day: 4
Number of minutes a teenager spends on the toilet a day: 22
Number of members of Picnic Club: 139
Number of weeks it takes John Price to grow a mustache: 2
Number of days John Ferrannini didn’t wear a tie: 10
Number of tardies Wally Harmon has: 76
Number of flips Alex Felix can do in a cheer routine: Hella
Number of views Derek Popple has on his YouTube channel: 19,368
Number of times Mahoney said “Umm…”: Umm…
Number of times Mr. Casazza has raised his voice: 0
Number of section titles for Men’s Water Polo in a row: 3
Number of section titles for Women’s Water Polo in a row: 2
Number of jazz festivals band has won: A lot
Number of years the mural has been worked on: 3
Number of weeks “Call Me Maybe” was the number one single in America: 9
Percent of the vote Barack Obama received in the general election: 51.1
Percent of the vote Barack Obama received in the Rio mock election: 60.1