John Ferrannini and Wally Harmon

Wow! This year has gone by so quickly!

Being Editors-in-Chief of The Mirada has been the highlight of our senior year. We’ve not only grown to know each other, but we’ve grown to know all of the great achievements of the Class of 2013 through reporting on you.

From our internationally renowned band to our unique Civitas program to our award winning sports teams, we are truly on a road to achieve great things.

When we became Editors-in-Chief we were told “Everything in newspaper will take much longer than you expect.”

This sentiment was echoed by our advisor Michael Mahoney, who never stops saying “The difference between almost done and done is the same as the difference between never started and almost done.”

Boy, was that true.

But despite the many, many late nights we’ve spent toiling over last minute edits and the dreaded missing links, we’ve developed a strong camaraderie between each other and our staff which was only enhanced by the experience of seeing everyone clamor to read our newspaper every month.

We thank you for both supportive and critical comments as all have helped us produce the best paper we could.

We thank our adviser, Michael Mahoney, for being so supportive and innovative and for dedicating so much of his own time to help us make our vision a reality.

Next year, we have two bright juniors, Ryan Burns and Connor Jang, taking over and we have no doubt that they will do a superb job covering the stories that make us the school we are.

And we know that as the years go by, we’ll be hearing more from the Class of 2013.

Congratulations Class of 2013! Good Luck!