New Theater Proposal for Band Gains Traction


Wally Harmon, Editor-in-Chief

Rio Americano Band Boosters have proposed that some of the money the school will be receiving from Measure N go towards building a new band performance room called the House of Music next to the existing band room.

“The band room is just a wish right now and it’s in its first stages,” Principal Brian Ginter said.

“The Band Boosters approached me with this plan. It’s just a proposition.”

Measure N was a local bond proposition that passed in November which guarantees 350 million dollars for improving facilities in San Juan schools.

The House of Music would be built adjacent to the large gym and would include a lobby, 350 seats, a stage, and both storage and practice rooms.

According to band teacher Josh Murray, the House of Music wouldn’t infringe much on parking space.

“It would be placed where there is currently a faculty parking lot and eliminate about ten parking spaces,” Murray said. “We have plenty of overflow parking.”

Murray said that the proposal has come from the fact that despite the band’s international recognition, they don’t have a room of their own. In fact, the most recent

Playathon was held in the cafeteria.

“We don’t have an adequate performance space,” Murray said. “Rio bands travel over the world and perform in great venues and concert halls. Then we come home and have nowhere to play.”

Murray said that Principal Ginter is supportive of the idea.

“Ginter supports me on this,” Murray said. “We have plans and we’re starting to build up support. We’ve been waiting fifty years for our band to have a room of their own, so we can wait a few more years.”

Junior Robbie Crandall is also supportive of the idea.

“Our music program is one of the best music programs in the country,” Crandall said. “They really deserve it considering that they’re one of the best high school bands in the country.”

Senior band member Harrison Smith is enthusiastic.

“We are a band that has played at Lincoln Center and in the Sydney Opera House,” Smith said. “We should have our own home here at Rio. When bands from other schools visit us, I want them to have a sense of awe.”

Rio Americano House of Music