Flash Mob Club Pepares For a Fun, Thrilling Experience

Kayla McArdle, Staff Writer

Flash mobs are fun to see and a joy to watch. However, for others, the thrill is participating in one.

The president of the Flash Mob club, senior Macaulay Porter, couldn’t wait to make and join the club.

“I wanted to make the Flash Mob club because I thought it would be a fun activity for everyone to participate in,” she said.

“I joined the Flash Mob club because I wanted to be a part of one,” she added.

Flash mobs are spontaneous, they grow to hundreds, and disappear almost just as quickly it appeared.

The Flash mob club is also a place for people to put on a performance and dance.

People who are in flash mobs feel like they have gotten to be a part of something special. They express themselves to make others and themselves happy.

Anyone can make someone else’s day by creating joy through surprise.

The club is also a good way to meet and get close to more people.

“I’ve made new friends,” Porter said. “I’ve also grown closer to old ones.”

The club brings many people together to have fun and be silly.

Flash mobs bring joy for both the receiving and giving party.

It creates a show, lifetime memories and friendships people won’t forget.

The fun is also in creating the choreography with everyone, and coming up with fun ideas.

It could be the Harlem shake, Soldier Boy, the Shuffle, or creating an original. Making the flash mob is only part of the fun.

The clubs goal is to dance once every couple of months, so there’s enough preparation in making the dance.

It makes it easy for anybody to learn and feel comfortable and confident for what they’re going to perform.

There’s no peer pressure because everyone in the club supports and helps one another.

Can anybody join? “Anybody can join and our meetings are Friday in C10 at lunch,” Porter said.