Fashion Club Brings Style to Clothing Drive


Jaden Perez, Sport Editor

It’s the season to go through your closets and clean out last year’s trends and replace them with the styles of the new year. By donating the trends of yesteryear, you can help Rio Americano’s Fashion Club support the homeless teenagers in Sacramento.

All items will be donated to the Wind Youth Services. WYS is a non-profit organization that provides homeless teens safety from the streets and supplies them with resources.

“We chose the Wind Youth Services to donate to because they are a local charity organization that will help our homeless teens in our area, not some random city.” said junior Fashion Club president Cleary Chizmar.

Items that are accepted are T-shirts, coats, pants, shorts and shoes.

“All girls should help out to give back to our community and help homeless teen girls that are less fortunate,” said Chizmar.

Not only can girls help, though they are known to hoard lots of clothes, boys can help as well. You may think you’ve worn that T-shirt or blouse too many times, but to someone else its brand new and something like the one they’ve always wanted.

“I founded this club to express styles I had interest in and pick-up styles from classmates, so I’m glad that now we’re doing an activity where we are reaching out and sending our styles to people outside of our school especially those unable to provide themselves with clothes.” said Chizmar.

It’s really simple to help out, all you have to do is go through old clothes that sit in the back of your closet never worn. You may see it as worn out or out of date, but to someone else it means much more.

It’s easy, convenient and you can sleep better knowing the needy can benefit from your slightly used clothing.

Bring any of your items to the main office and place in the Fashion Club’s box during the week of April 8-12th. The box can be found on the left-hand side of the office. Please help Rio’s Fashion Club along with those less fortunate!