Conner and Wally’s Bite of Sacramento

Wally Harmon and Conner Jang

TUG Boat #1

The very popular fish and chips eatery Tug Boat serves up some classic “London style” Seafood in this week’s Restaurant Review. Tug Boat’s food is served fresh and affordably with great service. But to call it great service would be an understatement. Tug Boat’s service is the second best and if not tied for the first best service I have ever received. If you order a one piece you usually get an extra piece no charge just because they want to be nice and enjoy your business. That brings me to the food. Fish and Chips is not the only thing on the menu but it could be and I would still be giving them a good review. The One, Two, and Three piece fish and chips is all you need they’re are perfectly cooked and perfectly filling with a little added salt and vinegar. With all these positive factors Tug Boat has its hard to believe that it has stayed under the radar for a long while within the school’s community. So if you’re a student who wants to diversify the places they eat at Tug Boat is definitely a good and viable option. Which I highly recommend and know a few other cool kids would too. Tug Boat #1 is located at 7601 Fair Oaks Blvd. Carmichael, CA 95608.

I give Tug Boat #1 three out five Wally Heads

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Jim Denny’s
Jim Denny’s is a classic American diner located downtown. It has been around since 1934 and its claims to fame are burgers and pancakes. Man vs Food visited the restaurant and attempted to eat the “Hubcap Pancake,” a pancake the size of a hubcap. Gavin White, Maddie Jang and I did not even finish half of it. We gave away the leftovers to everyone in Ms. DeVilles second period APUSH class. Except we had four to go boxes and failed to get rid of them all. So we took to the hallways, calling out, “Pancakes! Free pancakes.” As it was freshman hall, everyone was timid to take the leftovers, except for Maddie Jang, who was upset we were giving away her precious food. And for $9, there is no way to go wrong. The food is made right in front of you, and the waitress immediately realized that we were first timers at Jim Denny’s. “Just use the rip and drip strategy,” she said as bowls of syrup were passed to us. It is a little bit of a drive to downtown, but a perfect way to spend a morning. Fill up on pancakes, get a coffee or something, then walk around the great city of Sacramento. There’s nothing better in the morning than pancakes. Jim-Denny’s is located at 816 12th Street in downtown Sacramento.

I give Jim-Denny’s 4 and a half Connor Heads out of 5

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