California Rapper Dom Kennedy Kicks Off Summer Season Right

California Rapper Dom Kennedy Kicks Off Summer Season Right

Cain O'Neil, Opinion Editors

The sun is coming back, the weather is getting warmer, and new faces are breaking to center-stage in the rap game. Leimert Park native Dom Kennedy hopes to kick off the Summer season right with his new mixtape ‘Yellow Album’.

Dom puts together sets that capture the warmth of Summer while showcasing his smooth flows. Beat-smiths like THC, Cashe, and Chase N have helped Dom Kennedy produce a line-up of warm weather bangers that you’ll be hearing all season. DK has dropped tracks with rap game heavyweights like Kendrick Lamar and Casey Veggies reaffirming the flexibility of his style.

Dom’s talent comes from his heavy West Coast influence. Growing up to the sounds of 808’s and NWA, Kennedy had the chance to draw the best from every artist he heard. De La Soul, Lauryn Hill, and Eazy-E naturally found their way into DK’s creative works. Dom Kennedy is Californian to the core.
Every time Dom Kennedy drops a song, it’s clear to see that he has found his comfort zone. His lyrics are witty, his beats are classy, and his flow simply slays. For Dom, it’s all in the delivery. DK stays smooth no matter what. This is proven by his collaboration with Maybach Music kingpin Rick Ross in the song ‘Gold Alpinas’; Dom’s jazzy rhymes nicely contrast Rick Ross Gorilla-type rap stylings.

Dom’s album avoids any quasi-intellectual discussions, so if you’re expecting a ‘New Nas’ you’re going to be disappointed. However, Kennedy stays committed to kicking solid verses and working with other artists that help him showcase his art. The self-proclaimed Leimert Park Legend’s Yellow Album has set fire to the up-and-comer’s fan base.

Never one to lag, Dom hasn’t let the potential of social media go to waste. From flooding instagram with photos of products that he endorses, to nearly collapsing DatPiff’s servers following the upload of his second mixtape, DK has stayed on point.

Smooth yet punch-packing, Kennedy brings back a little bit of class to today’s rap. He might not be better than his contemporaries, but he certainly leaves the impression.
Yellow Album showcases Dom Kennedy’s laid back but engaging flow. This release reminds the hip-hop community that Dom Kennedy has what it takes to remain an ambassador of the New West movement.