Rio Students Prepare to Have ‘A Ball’

Rio Students Prepare to Have ‘A Ball’

John Ferrannini, Editor-in-Chief

With prom and ball season approaching, upperclassmen are rushing to plan their special night.

For some it may be a romantic night, for others a memorable night with friends.

Prom and ball are the perfect opportunity to summon the courage and ask the girl of your dreams or to enjoy a night of food and music with some of your closest friends.

“I loved Junior Prom because that’s the dance you remember the best and it’s just with your class,” senior Justin Carrido said.

Although this season can be very stressful trying to get dresses, tuxedos, reservations, and boutonnieres or corsages, the Mirada staff is here to help!

Girls have many wardrobe choices, with peplum, high-low, or a classic floor length gown just being a few of the possible styles. Long dresses are the traditional attire for girls, but if it is only a relaxed night with your best friends, then a shorter dress is acceptable.

“I would definitely say wear a long dress,” senior Allie Mering said.

“Its so fun getting super fancy and you can wear a short dress to any other dance.”

Color is also a crucial decision as the right color can make the right dress.

Often times many girls will jump for a certain style of shoe, but comfort is also an important factor. We have all seen those girls who stumble across the floor while walking into the dance; don’t be that girl.

“Some people go out and buy different shoes for every dance,” said senior Brittany Hagedorn.

“I’ve worn the same heels to every dance since freshman year.”

In order to complete the ensemble, girls must also select the proper hairstyle, nails, and accessories. The key to looking good is to keep it classy, and not over do the adornments.

Senior Claire Upton looked through magazines to determine her hairstyle and makeup.

“I had my nails done so that they would match my shoes and dress.”

For guys, these dances are much simpler to prepare for. All the clothes the guys will need will be included with the tuxedo rental.

The common place to rent a tuxedo is Men’s Warehouse.

They will do you up with slacks, a shirt, and a vest and bow tie.

Make sure the color of your vest and bow tie complement what your date is wearing.

Blake Reed advises to “go big or go home” on your special night.

“Don’t be afraid to step it up and look classy. You’ll remember this night for the rest of your life,” said Reed.

However allow plenty of time to get a tuxedo fitted because rental shops get quite crowded by people who put it off until the last minute.

Picking the right restaurant can be the key to a great night.

Dinner is where you get the most social and face to face interaction with your date and or friends.

“Just keep it classy,” says senior Ben Davis.

“Avoid garlic or anything that can get stuck in your teeth right before you try to pull ‘the move’ on the girl of your dreams.”

Just like with Homecoming or Gala, the color of the corsage is a pivotal decision.

Nothing makes a girl melt like a flower that perfectly matches her dress.

“Last year I went with my boyfriend. Sometimes I joke that the corsage he got me was so good that I had to marry him,” said Kelsey Showler.

“I do save all my corsages as a keepsake of the night.”

Girls love when guys get creative when asking them.

Figure out what the girl likes and do some deep thinking to find a very personal way to ask them.

“A good way to ask a girl is in front of the whole school so you can make her feel really special,” said Carrido.

Senior Ball is especially memorable as it is the seniors’ last formal dance in high school.

Senior Alex Remiticado asked fellow senior Darci Naftluin in a creative way – by serenading her and several of her fellow varsity cheerleaders with some guy friends of his in front of an assembled crowd at lunch.

Make sure you buy tickets early as the prices increase as the dance gets closer and the line on the last day will take your whole lunch.

“While at the dance make sure to make the most of it, since it only happens once. Also, don’t wait in line for the outside pictures, it will waste your whole night!” said Mering.

Junior Prom is tomorrow, Saturday, April 13, from 8 to 11pm at the Elks Tower on 921 11th St.

Senior Ball is Saturday, May 4, from 8 to 11pm on 2200 Front St.


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