NBA Season Kicks into High Gear

Ryan Burns, Sports Editor

Good news for all you NBA fans: basketball season is about to get interesting.

The season is at that point where no team is going to be able to jump four spots in the standings. That being said, there isn’t a shortage of major storylines by any means.

Players like Chris Paul and Kevin Durant have to make their final cases for the MVP (even if it may be next to impossible to catch King James). The Lakers have caught fire as of late with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash playing like they are 25 again. Who can challenge the Heat and is anyone capable of stopping LeBron and co.?

Chris Paul and the Clippers hosted the defending Western Conference champions led by Kevin Durant two Sundays ago.

The two superstars had superstar games, but not good enough to edge any closer to the leader in the MVP race: LeBron James.

Coming into the year, it was supposed to be “Durant’s year” and Chris Paul was supposed to lead the Clippers into a home court seed in the playoffs, but neither have shined brighter than the reigning MVP.

Next is possibly the biggest disappointment of the NBA this year, even if they do squeak into the eighth seed in the West.

The Los Angeles Lakers built a squad to win right away, but this season has gone far from according to plan.

Head coach Mike Brown was fired after only 13 games in charge, including an 0-8 record in the preseason and a 1-4 start to the regular season.

Since then, the Lakers have dropped down to the second best team in LA and have been hovering around .500 for the past few weeks.

They haven’t missed the playoffs since ‘05 and will need to get really hot to avoid the ping pong balls of the draft.

Finally is the story of the Heat, and they are playing – dare I say it – better than last year.

They won 12 of 13 games in February, featuring signature wins against the Lakers and a dismantling of the Thunder.

The Miami Thrice all started in the All Star Game for the East. A few other teams had two all stars, but nobody matched Miami’s three.

You can rag on the three superstars for the fashion in which they came together, but you can’t argue with the results, mainly due to the stellar play of James.

Despite the fact that we are running out of regular season to watch our teams climb up the standings, there is plenty of time for excitement.