Bowler Kevin O’Connor Achieves Perfection

Ryan Burns, Sports Editor

None of Rio’s sports teams have gone undefeated this year, and none probably will.

Despite the lack of school wide publicity of his feat, Kevin O’Connor is perfect. More perfect than anyone else on campus. In bowling that is.

The Rio senior has been aiming for the gold standard of bowling – a 300 – since he started bowling at age nine. His best round had been hovering around 290 for quite some time, but he finally bowled 12 strikes in a row.

He bowled his 300 at Mardi Gras Lanes two Saturdays ago. Due to the extreme precision required for the perfect score, the achievement is extremely rare.

The scarcity of perfect rounds provides for a crazy atmosphere, too. Everyone crowds around and watches to see if they can witness perfection.

“It’s exciting and super stressful. It gets so quiet that you can hear a pin drop from throughout the alley,” said Megan, an employee at the bowling alley.

Once the round is completed, the energy is amazing. The achievement is most exciting for the bowler, of course.

When most high schoolers bowl, they score in the 100 point range with bumpers, so knocking down every pin every throw is a truly incredible achievement.

What makes the game even more impressive is the fact that he was bowling in dedication to a recently lost friend.

“I dedicated it to my friend who died recently, Curtis Gunn,” said O’Connor. “He never had the chance to bowl a 300 so it was for him.”

“[I] was very nervous. My whole body was shaking. My heart was beating out of control. It was just a crazy experience,” said Kevin O’Connor.

On the last shot, though, he was at ease. He was bowling with a purpose.

“Before my last shot, I whispered ‘this one’s for you buddy’ to myself,” said O’Connor. “He helped me out through [the whole round].”

Kevin O’Connor’s perfect round drew the attention of many of his classmates, too.

“The feat is extremely impressive and Kevin made the school proud,” said junior cheerleader Ariana Sue.

If one can bowl a perfect score, he is surely capable of playing in college or even going pro.

“I definitely want to go pro,” said O’Connor. “I already bowl in five tournaments a month.”

If he can score 300 on a semi-consistent basis, he will have no troubles going pro in the future.

Kevin O’Connor did something that no team at Rio will do for a long time: achieve perfection.