Conner and Wally’s Bite of Sacramento

Conner and Wallys Bite of Sacramento


One of the best food combinations on planet earth is greasy food and good beer. At least that’s what I’ve been told. And Lowbrau in midtown does that very well. I’m assuming most of the people reading this are underage and will not be able to participate in the beer part of the restaurant. Fortunately Lowbrau almost makes up for that with its good food. Its all reasonably priced with a wide variety of options as wide as the options can get for what is basically a hot dog. But don’t get me wrong I respect and think Lowbrau’s cool for taking the old German bierhalles and putting a hip twist on it. And thats just what it is. Its a cool young place to eat good hot dogs and socialize. Since its fairly cheap with a great atmosphere I definitely recommend as a place to eat for the young students of Rio Americano looking for a cool place to eat and hang out in midtown just as long as its not after hours.

I give Lowbrau three and half Wally Heads out of 5.




Lowbrau is an incredibly comforting and fun atmosphere. This place is a great restaurant, but its staple is beer and greasy food. The combination of a high class restaurant and a bar is an interesting change of pace for students. However, being under the age of 21, we were unable to fully enjoy the entire Lowbrau experience. If we were a little older and could legally participate in the full menu, it would be much better. Its location is not very accessible to students because it is downtown, but it is well worth the drive. But in the heart of Sacramento night life, the German inspired cuisine will hit the spot. The brat covered in caramelized onions and ketchup and mustard on a sweet roll accompanied with “duck fat fries” was the definition of good comfort food. Lowbrau defiantly isn’t the place to go if you are on a diet.

I give Lowbrau three and a half Connor Heads out of five.


Conner and Wally’s Bite of Sacramento