Wrestling Team Gets Prepared for League Finals

Maddie Jang, Staff Writter

With a team of 21 students, the wrestling team is getting the workout of a lifetime.

The team is captained by senior Peter Cardinale and sophomore Ramona Young.

The team’s athleticism is proven by all the other sports that the wrestlers play: football, soccer and Young is even a cheerleader.

It requires a combination of strategy, strength and fitness.

Their two an a half hour practices are not a walk in the park, they are hard and tiring. “I have never felt so fit in my entire life,” said freshman Brandon Aranzamendez.

Some might think wrestling with a girl would be weird, but the wrestlers find it as the same challenge posed by a male opponent.

“Wrestling with Ramona isn’t much different than wrestling with boys.” said Cardinale.

The team all agreed that the team atmosphere is laid-back and sometimes serious.

“One of the funniest moments the team experienced is when we went to a dual meet against Antelope, and Robbie Crandall wrestled a guy who was buff and had tattoos,” said Aranzamendez. “The opponent had control over

Robbie, [he] looked over to our coach and said: ‘he’s big coach’ while laughing.”

The wrestling team is looking to prove their skills at the CAL finals on Feb. 11, when the seniors will hope to win their last ever match.