The Dishonest World of Sports

Ryan Burns, Sports Editor

This month has been one of the most lie-filled months in sports history.

Lance Armstrong was proven a cheater and admitted his PED use shortly after.

Zero baseball players were inducted into the Hall of Fame, including home run record holder Barry Bonds.
Last but not least, there is Manti Te’o, the NFL prospect who was dedicating his brilliant senior season to a nonexistent girlfriend.

Where do all of these athlete’s legacies stand?

Lance Armstrong completely ruined all of the good he created in the world. Even his LIVESTRONG bracelets feel as though they have a negative connotation.

After his huge admission on Oprah’s network, it feels like Lance is hiding something from us.

After all of his lies, not even the truth is believable.

He built himself up as a god. He came back from cancer only to become the greatest cyclist ever.

The comeback story seemed too good to be true. Too bad it actually was.

Barry Bonds was very similar in his story.

At the beginning of his career, Bonds was a baserunning machine and a great fielder.

After bulking up, though, he became a one dimensional player. All he could do was hit, hit, and then hit some more.

73 homers in a season is a record that may stand for another 25 years. The only thing that might knock Bonds of his perch is an asterisk to denote the cheating nature of his feat.

Manti Te’o is the only one of these situations that may draw sympathy from fans. For now.

Even though he was duped, his judgement is questionable. How could he call someone that he had never seen in person his “girlfriend?”

With more information coming to the surface each and every day, it may be possible that Te’o was in on the hoax from the beginning.

Although he has an entire NFL career ahead of him, the Notre Dame standout’s name will always go hand in hand with MTV’s Catfish.

In such an eventful month of the field for these athletes, sports are becoming more and more unbelievable every day.

What record holders used steroids that we don’t know about? What stories have remained hidden from the fans?

The world will never know.