Pretty Little Liars: “A” show worth watching


Hannah Thompson-Davis and Alexis Bates

As the new year comes, so do new secrets. The third season of Pretty Little Liars premiered on Tuesday, January 9 on ABC Family.

Pretty Little Liars started as a 2006 novel which appeared on the New York Times Best seller List multiple times.

It spawned a book series and the hit TV show that premiered in 2010.

The TV and book series follow a group of past friends brought back together by secret messages, received from an anonymous person using the alias of “A” who threatens to reveal all of their secrets.

The series covers many issues relevant to modern teens including bullying, peer-pressure, drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, and murder.

At first the girls think “A” is their disappeared friend Alison, but their theory turns out to be gravely wrong.

The girls realize that someone else knows their secrets and they have to risk their lives to keep them from being exposed.

The audience consists of mostly teen girls. They feel that they can relate to the show, being that it is based on four friends in high school.

The show also gets its views because of its never ending excitement and the mysterious plot twists that it brings to each and every episode.

“My favorite thing about watching Pretty Little Liars is that I never know what is going to happen next, which always keeps me on my toes,” freshman Hannah Horton said.

Horton says she watches Pretty Little Liars almost every week.

“I watch Pretty Little Liars every single Tuesday and I would say it’s a roller coaster full of fear and angst,” said freshman Natasha Verigin.

Pretty Little Liars is broadcast to 37 countries all around the world, and generates a total of about 2.47 million views.

Being that the show did so well its first season, production scheduled to have a second, third and fourth season.

Depending on how well the fourth season goes, there could be more to come.

The TV show series has been given awards in everything from Best Continuing Series to Favorite Cable TV Drama during Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards.

The TV series was ranked as the number-one scripted show in Women’s magazine for women ages 18-34.

As the last two seasons have been full of mysteries and intense lies, the third season has promised to be packed full of new secrets, stronger lies, and the most treacherous journeys.