Lady Basketball Freshman Twins are Double Trouble for Opponents


Alexis Bates and Hannah Thompson-Davis

Whether it’s shooting baskets or scoring goals, twins Emily and Jamie are sure not to disappoint.

Freshman twins, Emily and Jamie Gomes, have been playing basketball for four years.

After playing for Mission Oaks and then their middle school team at Arden, they moved onto high school basketball.

Both girls are hard working athletes playing not only basketball, but also soccer and softball.

Not only do they challenge each other in the gym, but they also challenge each other outside of practice.

Some think it would be difficult being on a team with a sibling but the twins say “It’s fun being able to work with each other in whatever sport were playing.”

The twins admit that a downside of playing on the same team is getting compared to one another by coaches and fellow players.

The Gomes each have their own techniques and skills that they contribute to the team, though.

Emily says that their weeks are very busy, considering they have practice or games.

In addition to basketball and soccer, Emily and Jamie have to balance sports with homework to earn the title “student-athlete.”

She later stated that she manages all of her events while keeping her grades up.

All of these “after school hour” activities make their weeks extremely busy.

Out of everything they do, they always enjoy practicing and playing with their teammates.

“My favorite part of the team is that we are all so close,” says Jamie. “We have a lot of fun together on and off the court.”

The twins have impressed coaches, friends and teammates in all their time playing sports.

“Both Emily and Jamie are good athletes and team players, any sport or position they try they’re good at,” their teammate, Sara Knepshield, said.

Knepshield has played soccer with the Gomes twins for as long as she can remember.

Other teammates agree that they work well with everyone and they bring any team they play on together by their leadership.

“Both, Emily and Jamie have always been really dedicated to every sport they’ve tried,” said Megan Shoelloe, another friend of the twins.

Emily and Jamie aren’t the only athletes in their family, though.

Their brother Alex, a junior at Rio, played soccer for Rio as a freshman and has played for his club team for the past three years.

Their dad, Joe, used to run track and was a high school standout baseball player. He attended Arizona State to play.

The Gomes twins have only been at Rio for only a few months, but they are already leaving their marks on the school’s athletic programs.

Most would think it would be difficult to be on the same team as siblings, and to be compared to one another constantly, but both twins say that it’s fun and challenging all at the same time.