Kathryn Heath’s ‘Stable’ Hobby

Madeline Jang, Staff Writter

Many students are involved in extracurricular activities, but freshman Kathryn Heath’s is certainly one of the most interesting: equestrian.

Heath has been riding horses since she was four years old in kindergarten.

“I ride a Warmblood horse. His name is Noah,” Heath said. “I have had three horses in all my riding career.”

According to Heath, one must have good time management in order to balance the busy schedule that equestrian entails.

“My weeks are very busy,” she said. “I play soccer along with horseback riding which takes up most of my time.”

Heath practices riding horses three times a week all year round at the Van Vleck Ranch in Rancho Murieta. She plays soccer for River City United.

To add to her busy week, Heath is also trying out for Rio soccer this upcoming month.

Heath has traveled all the way to Los Angeles and Palm Springs to attend competitions and in most places in the top three.

“Horseback riding is a challenge but it teaches me responsibility,” Heath said. “You have to have good core, arm, and leg muscle. It’s very hard and tiring but fun.”

Horseback riding is a very dangerous sport. According to a local survey, horseback riding is the third most dangerous sport in the world.

It is no secret what the dangers of horseback riding are. When horses get scared or startled, their first instinct is to run. This kind of situation generally ends up with a person falling off or getting bucked off the horse.

“I have been bucked off multiple times,” Heath said. “But I have never been seriously injured.”

Even though her week packed full with activities, Heath always makes room for family and friends.

“In my free time, my favorite thing to go is hang out with friends and family,” Heath said.

Her friends praise Heath as a person in addition to a talented rider.

“Kathryn is the super sweet to everyone and is the nicest person I know,” freshman Mikaela Frame said. “She has a great personality and is really funny.”

“Kathryn is a very well rounded girl. She is intelligent and kind,” freshman Megan Bassanelli said. “She puts a lot of time doing what she loves, riding horses.”

This sentiment goes to show that Heath is not only a tremendous horseback rider, but also a smart student and a loyal friend.