Forget the Stress, Make Valentine’s a Day You Can Love

Isabel Jacobson, Staff Writter

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is prominently in the air. Couples become more affectionate while singles begin to feel slight pangs of loneliness.

The honeymoon stage that couples go through tends to die down over the year, but when February comes around the sparks start to fly again as couples remember why they got together.

Love, according to couple Tyler Reeves and Meghan McKenna is about “finding someone you can be completely yourself around… that you can be committed to and that makes you happy.” Having been together for a year and nine months you will still find them glancing at each other during class with a smile on their faces and giggling as they walk through the hallway holding hands.

The generic gifts that major companies make people believe they need to buy and the expectations, contribute to boys becoming cheesy or stressed and women casting aside obligations in order to find the perfect gift. The purpose of the holiday gets lost.

Its that corporatism that makes the true romance of Valentine’s seem corny and unimportant. But there are ways for those of you out there who are trying to get those romantic feelings back. Use Valentine’s Day as “an excuse to have a fun date and spend time together.” opined Meghan.

Instead of breaking the bank at that expensive restaurant find some great recipes, buy all of the ingredients, and cook together. Not only will it save money, but it is more intimate and will get you doing something together. A “picnic in the park” said junior Chandler Frame, is another ideal date that is more unique and personal.

What you buy is secondary to the creativity and thought you put in; which is why you should avoid tacky gifts like the stuffed animals stating “I wuff you”. While you know they will be appreciated, don’t gift the dozen roses you buy at the grocery store the night before, the cards lacking sentimentality or that box of chocolates that is sold in bulk instead of specialized to the person.

Flowers are a great gift but try and find out some of the persons favorites or at least favorite colors like Tyler did last year when he bought Meghan Orchids. Point is try and make the your gift special made to your significant whether it’s, a card or roses.

Making the day fun and keeping it light. Best advice, single senior Kristal Celik said “Boys: get your girl something she will actually appreciate, like a pleasant voicemail and a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.” She might be joking, but the idea of doing something a little silly and unique is something to consider.

For friends and even significant others, find an inside joke or a special memory of your time together and use it for inspiration. But if you do this make sure you can explain the meaning behind it just in case. is a great place to go for ideas on crafts and recipes for the day. “Baked goods are essential to success,” said Senior Elizabeth Moulton, for all relationships.

This Valentine’s Day remember to focus on the love that you feel for the person whether it be a crush, significant other, friend, or even favorite teacher.

Oh and one last bit of advice “communication is the key,” proclaimed Tyler, for any relationship to last. So make sure that on this Valentine’s Day you remember to spend time together and talk because that is most important.