Christian Club Shares Fellowship at Lunch


Hanna Despard, Staff Writter

Religion can be a very controversial topic, but for the Christian club that prays every Wednesday at the flagpole, it is a source of strength.

“The Christian club has been an awesome new way to share my faith and get to know more people who have the same views as me,” club Vice President Erik Anderson said.

“I really enjoy meeting with my group of guys and taking a step back and just talking about life. Most guys aren’t as open to sharing their difficulties in life but this has given us the opportunity to share our problems and help each other move towards a solution and pray for one another.”

Members of the Christian club help each other through the stresses and strains of teenage life and strive to become closer to Jesus as they pray for each other and for the school community.

Club members also answer one another’s questions about Christianity, but that doesn’t mean they’re always so serious.

“Christian club was created as a place where Christians and people interested in Christianity can come together and hang out,” club President Olivia Carreon said.

“Members of the Christian club get to have a fellowship with each other and pray together.”

“My favorite thing about Christian club is just hearing the struggles people are going through and getting to resolve those through prayer and support. But it’s not all seriousness. We just had an awesome laser tag event the other week which was loads of fun.”

Club Vice President Erik Anderson joined the Christian club again this year with the goal of gaining new members.

“I joined the Christian club because I was actively involved with it last year and wanted to expand it,” Anderson said.

“Last year I was the only guy. Thankfully our group has gone from about 10 people to fifty people. Faith is much easier to live out if you have other people who support you and keep you accountable.

In addition, I have to thank Karina Bodemeiger and Olivia Carreon for their devotion to strengthening the club over the past year. I also like the fact that a lot of the people in our club go to the same church youth group as I do.”

The club welcomes people of all religions or of no religion at all.

“If you are already Christian or are looking for a new club to join then it’s a great option and there are plenty of friends I have personally made from being a part of this club,” Anderson said.

“Other people who are not believers are welcome too, and we are always open to questions and anyone who has a genuine interest in joining our club.”

The Christian club prays every Wednesday at lunch at the flagpole.

Students have different reasons for coming to the Wednesday prayer lunch.

“It’s a positive in a day full of school work,” sophomore Juli Towle said.

“I like to connect with other Christian people,” said freshman Mimi Pierce-Pique.

Pierce-Pique, like many of the club members, goes to church every Sunday. Pierce-Pique attends Our Lady of the Assumption in Carmichael.

Club President Olivia Carreon said that the club prays because “we want to encourage each other on our walks or faith and pray for our school.”

“We want to be lights to the world.”