Animal House: A must-watch comedy

Animal House: A must-watch comedy

Ryan Burns

The 1978 comedy Animal House is a must-watch. An instant classic. The funniest movie of all time.

The National Lampoon movie is about a fraternity of party “animals.” It takes place at Faber College, the school whose motto is “knowledge is good.”

The funniest scenes are ones that include the two main characters, Otter (Tim Matheson) and Bluto (John Belushi). Otter is very smooth-talking and has a sarcastic sense of humor. Bluto on the other hand, is a fat, lazy college student who humors himself through childish yet elaborate pranks.

Otter is the classic “ladies’ man.” He can charm any girl with his looks and pick-up lines while shaming the men around him with his knack for walking out of any room with the woman of he chooses.

Bluto is a very special character for a two reasons: Belushi’s acting and the script writers. The writers gave the legendary Saturday Night Live actor the perfect role. John Blutarsky is a man of very few words, but manages to make every second special through hilarious facial expressions and an unforgettable personality.

The plot is full of crazy twists and turns that will keep the viewer laughing the whole time.

The Delta Tau Chi fraternity is known throughout Faber College as the craziest of the Greek living groups, and is on a short leash with the dean of the college, Dean Wormer.

Despite plenty of slip ups, the Delta members talk their way out of every situation they get into with the school.

The one time that Dean Wormer is serious about expulsion, the Deltas put matters into their own hands by pulling off an crazy stunt at the college’s homecoming parade that eventually gets the dean fired.

The movie was filmed at Oregon University in the late ‘70s and is considered one of the most profitable movies of all time. It only cost about three million dollars to make, yet it generated over 130 million in revenue solely from DVD and video sales. That is not including all of the merchandise sold by National Lampoon.

Animal House is available on DVD, at movie rental stores, and can be watched instantly on Netflix.

As Bravo!’s funniest movie of all time, Animal House will not fail to disappoint the viewer and will leave the audience laughing harder than they ever have before.