She’s A Genius ‘Shines’ in Debut Performance

Derek Popple, Features Editor

With an indie rock style, She’s A Genius combines elements of many different genres. Led by seniors Henry Lunetta, Nate Sher and Paul Slater, the group consists of talented musicians coming together to write their own music.

“We’ve tried to get the band together every year of high school, but it never worked out until senior year,” said Lunetta. “It was a month or two before the school year that we really started playing.”

She’s A Genius embodies a wide range of sounds with acoustic songs like “All You Can Wait For Pancakes” as well as a more edgy sound that is evident in their song “Walls.”

Although every member in the group sings, a rare exception for bands, Sher is the lead vocalist and plays guitar as well. Henry Lunetta also plays guitar and sings alongside Sher. The group’s rhythm section consists of Paul Slater who plays drums.

Lunetta tries to incorporate the edgier style of rock that he enjoys listening to into his music. “I like to play a little heavier rock, but if you had to put a label on our band it is hard pop punk,” said Lunetta.

Their latest show was on Nov. 29 at Shine Coffee downtown. They played an eight song set following other local groups and performed for a packed coffee house.

“We’ve played at Shine Coffee twice and also at Second Saturday. We were also one of the three bands that headlined during last month’s Playathon,” Sher said.

The band has already recorded an EP which was released on Dec.. 5, among other songs available on their bandcamp (

The band has plans for more recordings which they will send off to see if record companies are interested.

“We’re going to do some recordings and send them off, and if people like it we will defer for a year in order to pursue music before going to college,” said Lunetta.

The members of She’s A Genius are excited at their recent success at shows. “Today we play at Shine Coffee, tomorrow, at Arco Arena,” Sher said.