Both Men and Women Waterpolo Teams Win Sections

Madeline Jang, Staff Writter

Both the women’s and men’s water polo teams reached a successful end to their season, gaining more than just friendships and experience, but also section titles.

The girl’s junior varsity water polo team had an exceptional season.

Taking first place at the Crusher Classic tournament and winning most of their league games, they ended their season with high rankings.

The boy’s junior varsity water polo team was a force to be reckoned with.

The team pulled all their strengths together to receive a first place trophy at the Christian Brothers Tournament. Captains freshmen Sam Hastie and sophomore Chris Perry led the team to a 13-6 season.

The women’s varsity team ended with a final record of 20-7, with the starting line-up of Avery Dotterer, Emily Perry, Emmy Savidge, Celeste Brown, Rya Minow, Maigrie McDougle, and Hayley Baker leading the team to success.

The women’s varsity team won their section championship for the tenth time in eleven seasons. The team came out fierce and hungry for the taste of victory once again. The final score against Oakdale was 7-2 in the championship game.

Senior goalkeeper Avery Dotterer received MVP of the championship game with 203 saves throughout the season.

“I think we played better than last season, as a team. Our team was amazing and we played to our full potential,” says Dotterer.

The team worked hard for the section title.

Throughout the four month season, both teams pushed to where they’d never been before.

“Some traditions we have as a team before a game, is to go out to my car and blast pump up music and visualize how we would play in the game,” says Dotterer.

“The very first day of practice, our coach held a meeting to lay down the goals and expectations for our team,” says junior Erin Cherovsky, “and we achieved that goal.”

The men’s varsity team won their section championship, for the third time in a row led by seniors John Price and Jack DuBois.

“What went well this season is the camaraderie that arose not from necessity but of our own accord,” says Price.

Playing under cold conditions, the men’s varsity team played with complete composure and dominated the game with a nail biting 6-3 victory over rival El Camino.

Senior John Price was awarded player-of-the-game with 2 goals and multiple assists in the section championship game.

“I was pretty emotional at the championship game knowing that it was my last,” says Price, “But I am still going to school and playing club polo with most of the same guys, so I got over it.”

Every one of the starting 7 players for the boys received All-League and All-Section honors.

The starting players included, John Price, Jack DuBois, Wally Harmon, Connor Jang, Luke Hastie, Miles Brady, and Ian Brady.

The team was complemented mostly on their defensive play and movement with the ball.

Seniors John Price, Jack DuBois, Miles Brady, Wally Harmon, Austin Morse, Pano Roditis and Danny Shields ended their Raider water polo career perfectly, with a Raider three-peat.

The Rio Americano water polo teams are well known throughout the northern and southern California area.

The women’s varsity team held their own and received third place at the Western State Tournament.

The men’s varsity teams played many weekend tournaments, in both Northern and Southern California.

The men’s varsity team won the Schmitt Championship to kick off the season, combining many hard fought victories against Bay Area water polo powerhouses.

The Raider water polo teams will return to the pool next August, to begin to train for the 2013 season.

“We came, we conquered, now we have to do it again,” says head coach Tyson Frenn.

Many of the water polo players now begin their swim season, staying in shape for another blue banner next November.

“Even though we are all losing some starters next year, I am confidant that next season we will come out just as strong and ready for any competition,” says junior Rya Minow.

They supported each other not only at the championship game but throughout the season.

The men’s team showed up with their confident voices and positive attitude.

The women’s teams made appearances at all the boy’s games, like against Jesuit at Jesuit, with painted stomachs and loud voices. Just as the boys showed up at the girls games with lawn chairs and Rio Americano colors.

With a “Brother-Sister” relationship, these two teams were unstoppable.