‘Merry Christmas’ Not an Insult

Sam Calvert, Guest Writer

Dear Rio,

Merry Christmas.

That’s right, Merry Christmas.

While I’m at it, Happy New Year too.

Now why is it that political correctness will let me, or a teacher, or a club president wish you a Happy New Year and yet not a Merry Christmas?What happened to freedom of speech?

I’m not say saying I wish you to burn in hell. I’m saying have a great and happy time on one day of the year.

What does it matter if I see it as Christmas and you see it as December 25?

Oh I see…Christmas.

CHRISTmas, it’s a religious thing isn’t it…separation of church and state and all that. You don’t want teachers to say Merry Christmas because then the school might be seen as supporting Christmas.

Now can anyone tell me what Christmas is a celebration of? Gift giving, sure. Family, sure. But wait, it is also a celebration of Jesus’s birth right? Darn… if only the three largest monotheistic religions in the world all recognized

Jesus’s birth. If only scientists generally agreed that Jesus was a real person of that time period.

Oh wait, they do.
So no one can object to celebrating the day he was born on the basis that he is just some made up religious figure.

Does that mean people object to others celebrating him because they do not believe he is worth celebrating? Now I am not a religious person but I celebrate Christmas as an event to come together with family and exchange gifts. It needn’t have a religious connotation. I also, as I found out while researching this piece, was right in not celebrating Christmas as the day of Jesus’ birth. As it turns out most scholars agree that he was not born on

December 25 and the original celebration of Christ’s birth was on January 6.

The roots of Christmas itself are in the pagan Winter Solstice.

With 60 percent of Americans not weekly churchgoers, why is Christmas such a big deal in this country anyway?

It’s called capitalism baby and business is a boomin’.

When you break it down, in this country Christmas has more to do with turning a profit then it has to do with Christ.

Today it has more to do with a fat man who lives at the top of the world with his flying reindeer and gives us free stuff.

Yep, Merry Christmas.

I am not trying to put down Christmas at all.

It is a wonderful time of year and does a lot of good as well as creates a lot of fond memories.

However, it no longer has a purely Christian meaning and might not have one to begin with. Christmas is celebrated by a lot of non-Christians. The fact is Christmas, the way we celebrate and view it in America, is for better or for worse, no longer only a solely Christian holiday.

People should be able to say “Merry Christmas,” or “Happy Hanukkah,” or whatever they want. Do not force anyone to celebrate a holiday they do not want to, but certainly make it OK to wish someone a good day. So, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and to all a goodnight.

A fed-up student
P.S. Merry Christmas