Fire Drills in High School

Fire Drills in High School

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Ashton Nazeri, Staff Writer

You’re sitting in your class. It’s quiet and you are working on some work your teacher gave you. When suddenly an extremely loud noise breaks the silence followed by a bright flash from the small torture device making your ears bleed on the wall. You have just been Fire Drilled.

Fire Drills are one of the things that just grinds my gears to dust. It is so very loud and completely pointless. We all know what to do if an actual fire happens, we don’t forget how to walk or anything.

It is a very unnecessary and painfully loud. It completely disrupts the class flow, takes up class time, and I swear is going to give me a heart attack next time I hear one. I would really like to know one good reason there is for a fire drill. If you can not think of any, its because there aren’t any.

What if an actual fire happens and everyone is so used to there being fire drills, so they think it is a drill. Thats a lot of students being careless over a real fire. They are so misleading.

If they want to have a fire drill and ruin our class time then they can at least not make it sound like the world is going to combust. How about calling over the intercom and saying nicely, “Good evening students, we are having a fire drill right now. Please exit your classrooms in an orderly single file line.” Is that so hard?

Instead we have to hear the loudest alarm out of the blue to make our heart skip a beat, which doesn’t feel so good. Maybe changing the alarm to something less irritating or EARitating if you want to be clever.

Wouldn’t it be much more pleasurable if it was some nice birds chirping or the sound of the ocean maybe. I thought that the school wouldn’t want to cause panic. If so, why is it such a panic inducing siren? Change it to something that doesn’t scare us to death.

I’m thinking the school like hurting us. That could be the only logical reason for the fire drills. They don’t like us so they want to scare us and take up our class time. The enjoy watching us squirm, covering our ears in pain.

Perhaps they honestly think we forget how to walk out of a building into a parking lot/ field. They think we need to know how to stand and walk but they insist on the unnecessary loud siren right in our ears the whole time. Makes sense doesn’t it.

Listen people if we just sit back and keep cleaning the blood out of our ears without trying to stop this madness, it will never go away. Stand and fight for the cause and end the tyranny of the fire drill.

As student we can try to push our school in the right direction to make it better and with what is going on right now i can say that we need to give it a little push.