Varsity Women’s Golf Team ‘drive’ away


Senior Sydney Selix hits her tee shot. She is one of two seniors on the team, the other being Haley Ayres.

Briana Smith, Sports Editor

The Varsity women’s golf team may have been small, with only seven women on the team, but they did not fail to represent Rio well. As they dug into their season, they shaped the skills that would earn them their spot at second place in league.
Coach Drawbert and Coach Solov assisted the varsity girls in improving their technique on the course which helped them to play better overall.
Although they only practiced two days a week, they faced off in tournaments a separate two days a week.
It was no hole in one for the girls during their journey as all seven of them strived to improve.
As senior and varsity captain Haley Ayers said, “I can definitely tell that everyone improved tremendously throughout the season.” Her optimistic attitude helped lead the team to victory.
Although they make the sport look easy, the outcome of the matches could come down to as little as a single putt. Ayers says, “Something people don’t know about golf is how mentally frustrating it can be. You can shoot the best round of your life one day and your worst round the next.”
espite the nerves the team budgets in time to have fun at their tournaments as well. Before every match the team does a cheer to pump them up for a win.
The team headed into playoffs on Oct. 22 where they did not qualify as a team, however captain Ayers qualified individually.
Looking back on their season Ayers says, “The highlight of my season was when we beat El Camino by 2 strokes.”
With two seniors from the team graduating this year, the remaining five girls hope to do as well next season.