Taking it “G-Eazy” with “Must be Nice”

Cian O’Neill, Opinion Editor

A native of Oakland, Gerald Gillum, better known as G-Eazy, is a pioneer in the field of independant rap. A student of Loyola University in Louisiana, G-Eazy is majoring in Music Production. Producing all of his own beats, lyrics, and samples himself, G-Eazy demonstrates ‘Authentic Dedication’. His newest album, “Must Be Nice”, features a variety of styles and rhyme schemes.From the electric opening track to the bass-pounding ender, G-Eazy masterfully graces his tracks with witty wordplay. Gillum has been dropping albums since high school, but only recently has he got the recognition he deserves. Crushing any PJ Simas-like hope-to-be rhymers, G-Eazy has been nominated to receive awards from MTV as well as XXL.
Gerald’s tracks aren’t the self-promotional arrogance glamorized by MTV and pop-culture. Reflecting on the experiences that led him to music, G-Eazy shows that rap can be meaningful and successful simultaneously. He thanks music for providing a positive outlet for which to place his energies. Throughout his newest release, G-Eazy teams up with a variety of guest artists, cementing his seat as the king of lyrical versatility. Gerald and DJ Carnage’s collaboration track ‘Loaded’ is reminiscent of Lil B.Other tracks by G-Eazy feature a 1950’s James Dean-esque tone, and demonstrate the universality of rap.Other up and comers such as Hoodie Allen have paired up with G-Eazy to ensure well produced and digitally mastered singles.
Gerald Gillum has a bright future in the music industry; self-produced, self-promoted, and successful at just 20.