New Student Government Adviser Hopes to Harness Energy

Wallace Harmon, Editor-in-Chief

Deborah Haines, the new student government advisor, has high hopes for the 2012-2013 school year.
Drawing on her experiences as an educator in Dresden, Germany and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Haines hopes to facilitate cooperation and synergy amongst her students.
“The students in student government are already well trained from their past years with Ms. Thomas,” Haines said.
“My goal for this year is to learn how the students work to put on the events, and to see how all the aspects of student government work.”
Haines has had plenty of experience with trying new things.
Haines, who has a bachelors degree from Sac State and a masters in English from UC Irvine, began teaching at Mira Loma in 1992. After 12 years she decided to teach abroad.
When she returned to Sacramento, she taught at Rio in 2010-11. Because of budget cuts she lost that position, but learned she would return in May.
“We’re excited to work with a new director,” said senior Madeline Arnett.
“Maybe we’ll be able to try out some new ideas, and take a fresh look at things.”
Creativity fuels the work of Student Government.
“Because of our creativity, homecoming was a huge sucsess because we were able to be innovative with the theme, the rally, and the decorations,” Student Body Treasurer Elli Brennan said.
“Ms. Haines contributed by helping to make our ideas a reality.”
“ I want to make sure all students are working to the best of their abilities, and that the school is being served in the best possible way.”
Student Government has its usual schedule of fundraisers and events this year.
The Blood Drive, Red Ribbon Week, and Homecoming remain staples of  student government’s coffer-building activities.
Promoting school involvement amongst the general student body is one of Haines keystone goals for this year.
“We are working hard to keep clubs engaged,” Haines said.
The heir of an abundance of energy and creativity, Haines plans to make the most of this year at Rio.
“There is so much to learn about how Rio does things, especially following in the footsteps of Ms.Thomas, who had a surplus of passion and experience.”
This experience is only made the more useful because of the environment the school provides for it’s students.
“Rio is a very kind school and students are generally kind to each other,” she said.
“Staff members are helpful and warm. I feel like school is such a positive experience at Rio.”
Focusing on the importance of student participation and interaction, Haines wants every individual to embrace their high school experience.
“High school seems like it will never end, but it will and you will never have another shot at it. Make your four years count, get involved, make friends, be excellent!”