New Sci-fi show ‘Arrow’

Ted Buffington, Feature Editor

“Arrow”, a new science fiction series developed by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, premiered October 10th on channel 31.
Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), the son of a prosperous millionaire has been cast away on an island for five years. After being long forgotten and presumed dead, he returns after being found by chinese fishermen. His friends and family, excited about his return overwhelm him in the latest news and throw him a party.
Oliver Queen, however, doesn’t care for such activities, and instead holds a secret about what happened to him on that island.
As the premiere episode progresses, Oliver Queen’s mysteriousness becomes shrouded around his experience on the island and his last moments with his father.
In the episode, Oliver Queen opens a small hand book full of names which were given to him by his father. The people listed in the small book are all people who have stolen from his father and have made his city a bad place. Oliver Queen is to redeem his father once he returns.
After half of the episode of Oliver staying suspiciously quiet, his calmness soon perishes when he is held hostage by people who want to know his father’s secret. Oliver beats up his captors with only a chair and his bare hands. As one runs away, he is chased down by Oliver, who parkours his way across the rooftop and through the interior of a building.
Knowing that people are out for him, Oliver in secrecy readies his body and skills for hunting down the first man on his list by forging arrows and firing them at moving tennis balls. He tracks down his first target, and warns him to transfer forty million dollars to an account before 10:00pm the following night. But when his target decides not to transfer the money, Oliver Queen does it forcefully.
“Arrow”, a take on the DC comic series, “The Green Arrow”, is in some ways similar to Batman.
Don’t be fooled by the similarities, however, because “Arrow” is a story about revenge and justice, as opposed to Batman, who just likes to protect his city.
“Arrow” blew me away. The visuals are dark and gloomy and set up the mysterious tone and atmosphere of the show, as Oliver Queen himself is very mysterious. I would highly recommend this show to superhero fans and action viewers.
“Arrow” airs on the CW Wednesdays at 8:00pm.