Math Teacher Grew up in Madrid and has Taught at Many Schools in District

Whitney Tyler, Staff Writer

Luz Ledesma is a new math teacher on campus. She teaches Algebra 1A, Algebra 1B, and Geometry. So far, she says she’s enjoying her new school so much.
“The kids are very respectful, the campus is very clean and taken care of, and it’s just a nice place to be at,” Ledesma said.
Ledesma grew up in Madrid, Spain. At the age of 26, she moved from Spain to the United States and began to attend college at California State University, Sacramento. When she moved from Spain at first she was very homesick and it was hard for her to be away from her usual surroundings and different culture.
Living in California was different but she grew to love it here.
However, her most difficult change was being away from all of her friends and family. It was hard leaving them all behind, and another important challenge was trying to learn English.
The reason why she wanted to become a teacher was because a long time ago a teacher once told her that she was very good at teaching and she would be a good teacher.
This is her fourth year teaching.
Ledesma has two kids: Sofia, 9, and Marcos, 7. They both currently attend to Rancho Cordova Elementary School. They all speak Spanish with one another in the home.
Over the summer, Ledesma spent a lot her time teaching summer school at Mira Loma and then went on vacation in Lake Tahoe, where she enjoyed swimming in the cold lake.
Over the weekends she likes to spend as much time as she can with her two kids and play with them, she also likes to go watch art shows at UC Davis Mondavi center.
Her favorite types of music to listen to are Disco and Jazz.
On the other hand when she has some free time her main favorite hobbies are lifting weights, running, taekwondo, swimming, and cooking.
The past schools she has taught at ar Arcade Middle School, Mesa Verde, El Camino, Encina, and Mira Loma.
However, she is fine with the district’s decision to move her to Rio.
“It was the best choice they made,” she said.