It’s Time to Show Some School Spirit


For a school that brags about its API scores, music program and athletics, Rio has an immense lack of school spirit. It is ironic how the students at such a wealthy school seem ashamed to represent it.
The empty seats at sporting events and the unsold tickets for Homecoming clearly illustrate this lack of pride. Students simply don’t care about the events and extracurriculars at school.
Students go to Rio every day, but as soon as the bell rings, it seems like their spirit is gone. We need to keep that flame of school spirit eternally burning within us.
Over the past several years, students dressed in Rowdy Raider gear have become a rarity at games. Raiders are “too busy” to attend a sporting event that lasts a single hour, but can spend their entire day on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Even English teacher Nina Seibel has seen a growing lack of spirit since she came to Rio. “During the spirit weeks, fewer students dress up. Even the teachers have stopped dressing up on spirit days,” said Seibel.
This year, students bought 760 homecoming tickets, an unusually large number compared to past year’s sales. According to junior Becca Scott, student body president of Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, 901 tickets were bought which is quite amazing since Vista has a smaller population than Rio.
As students, we need to take pride in our school and make that absolutely obvious to anyone who visits Rio. All of us need to go to dances and games, and dress up for spirit days, not just those people who are required to by student government.
Senior Colette Hodges, a proud Rio Americano athlete, realizes the dearth of spirit on campus.
“Rio seems to have decent school spirit, but the spirit lies in only a select group of people,” said Hodges. “Most of the time it’s the athletes or student government with the spirit, but we need to get the whole school spirited.”
Part of school spirit is reaching out to those who don’t show it and encouraging them to participate. As students, we should all seek to meet this goal and bring some life to Rio.
Every year it is shocking to see how many Rio students show spirit by going to Holy Bowl, a game between our rival and a school that isn’t even in our league. “Dedicated” students will sit on the Jesuit side and give endless explanations about “going for the girls”  or “seeing their friends” in order to justify their behavior.
It is sad that Rio students show more excitement for a rival private school than their own school teams.
That’s not to say that it is inappropriate to go to another game, but if there is time to see another school, there is most definitely time to attend a game at Rio.
It seems like the only people at Rio who actually participate are groups like athletes, cheerleaders and student government. Senior Caitlin Temple, who participates in Speech and Debate, said, “I think we need to make more of an effort to support all our players at games and tournaments, but I know we are all Rowdy Raiders at heart.”
If we all do our part and go to a game or two when we have the opportunity, we will have a definite rise in spirit. Once started, it might be a cycle that will continue for years.
Don’t be afraid to go to an event you normally wouldn’t go to and support some other teams besides just varsity football and basketball.
If you’re a senior, make sure to go out of your way to attend a few games or dances. It’s the last year you’ll have to enjoy high school and remember that senior year only happens once.
Get your friends to go if you’re worried that you’ll be the only person at an event. You might even meet someone new while there.
Next rally, we need to show outstanding school spirit. Don your Rowdy Raider gear and take an active step towards restoring the pride students should have in our fine campus.
Even after the rally, we need to hold that spirit and be proud to be a Rio Americano Raider. We will always have memories of high school, so let’s make sure they’re good ones.
So Raiders, let’s make a change and be sure this year the most spirited year ever.
Let’s get rowdy and show every school we play just how much spirit we have. No athlete should be forced to play without the support of their school behind them.
If we do decide to make a change and show some more school spirit, maybe then we will finally see an end to the cliques and social circles that have divided Rio for years.