Improv Club Finds Fun in a Dramatic Way


Jeremy Nussbaum smells shoes for an act in the Improv Club. Improv Club meets in A-2 Wednesdays and Fridays at Lunch.

Rachel Moseley, Staff Writer

Improvise (v): to compose and perform or deliver without previous preparation.
In any actor’s career, improvisation is a very important skill to have.
It can also be useful to people in our day-to-day lives, whether we’re giving a speech in class or making up scary stories with friends. Besides being a great life skill, it is also a way to have fun and bring a group of people together.
Here on campus we have an Improv Club, formed by club president Liam Worrell-Olsen, where students meet at lunch to play some improvisation games.
“Improv club is something that Liam came up with, it’s a group that meets twice a week where we come up with characters and scenes on the spot,” said vice president Meg Odell.
The Improv Club meets on Wednesdays and Fridays during lunch in Room A-2.
Liam and the other officers worked together to create the club.
“It was my idea to start it, but it probably wouldn’t get to where it has gotten without my wonderful officers,” said Liam, “especially Sam Calvert (secretary) and Meg Odell (vice president).”
During the meetings, all the members participate in a variety of games, and everyone gets to enjoy themselves and show their personality.
It is a safe environment, meaning no one is judged or criticized for anything they may do.
A lot of the games may bring members outside of their comfort zones, so they can have fun while not worrying about what their peers will think.
“[It] is a club that brings really creative people together in a safe environment where they can have fun and act on the spot,” says Liam. “The purpose of the club is to create a place where people who want to have fun can have fun, and people who want to learn can learn too.”
Both Liam and Meg agree that there is more to Improv Club than just learning how to improvise.