‘Blast From The Past’ a fun night for all


John Ferrannini, Editor-in-Chief

The Homecoming dance on Saturday, October 20 wrapped up a week of homecoming festivities including a spirit week, rally, and the traditional homecoming football game and float parade.
This years theme, Blast from the Past, was manifested through spirit days and the choice of music for the commemorative Homecoming CD, which included hits by Elvis Presley and the Bee Gees.
The dance was a night to remember for all attendees.
“The music was pretty awesome,” senior Bethany Abad said. “And my friend Jeremy Nussbaum broke out into his pro dancing skills.”

“Even though some of the music was lame and it was very humid, homecoming was fun,” senior Sade Butler said. “It was fun because I was able to spend my last homecoming with good friends.”
For freshman, this years Homecoming dance was their first formal high school dance.
“Homecoming was fun because I got to show school spirit, hang out with friends, and dress up,” freshman Jenny Gurev said. “It really makes me look forward to future dances.”
All in all, this years homecoming dance and the related festivities proved popular with students as they continue their journey through the 2012-2013 school year.
The next formal dance, Gala, is on Friday, March 8.