School Vandalized VP’s Investigate


Ashton Nazeri

On October 9 Rio Americano students received a message, and it wasn’t a friendly one. An Anarchy symbol and multiple obscenities were found on the walls and doors of the school.
“We’re investigating right now,” Vice Principal Chuck Whitaker said. “It’s a heinous act and we will not rest until we catch the culprit.”
For many students, the graffiti doesn’t effect them at all. For some others, its a terrible disgrace to the school.

“Well of course its an embarrassing disgrace for the school,” senior Troy Silva said. “Personally it doesn’t affect me or the other students that much.”

The paint has been cleaned off by the school custodians but the scars still remain.

The school will take more necessary actions to prevent something like this from happening again.

    Graffiti has always been a felony but for some it has been seen as an art form.
In this case the excuse for an art form is out of the picture as several obscenities towards the students and teachers were made.
The administration has high hopes that they will be able to catch the culprit and a similar incident will never happen again.