Womens Varsity Volleyball Serves Up Wins

Briana Smith, Sports Editor

Whether they are serving up an ace or spiking the ball at their opponent, the womens varsity volleyball team continues to lay the ground for a successful season.

As the season progresses, the women agree they have massive potential.

The team of 12 is coached by John Grix. Grix has coached volleyball at Rio for the last 10 years.

The three sophomores, five juniors, and four seniors work to emphasize one another’s talents.

Despite the age gap between sophomores and seniors, their talent is not lacking.

“I think our team is doing really well so far,” said sophomore Madison Hunziker. “I like the girls a lot and I think that we’re going to do good this season.”

The team’s talent was evident in a recent match against Oakridge, in which the Raiders came out on top, winning after 5 grueling games.

“It was a really back and forth game, but winning was a great feeling,” senior and outside hitter Emma Voight said.

The team’s ritual of playing “Jiggalo” before every game helps to not only pump them up, but to bond. It is a fun way to rile both them and the crowds up.

The team is led by senior and varsity captain Maddie Cannon.

Maddie has played on the varsity team since her freshman year as an outside hitter.

“Maddie’s experience definitely shapes her as a leader,” Voight said. “She can always be counted on to pull through for the team.”

As the team prepares for upcoming games, none is as anticipated as that against rival El Camino.

“We should match up really well with El Camino this year, considering both teams have a lot of new players,” Hunziker said.

With their positive attitude and superior talent, the womens volleyball team hopes to go undefeated in league.