Varsity Football Tunes up for League with Tough Schedule

Briana Smith, Sports Editor

With their sights set high, the 33 men continue to prepare for league.

The team is made up of 13 returning seniors, 18 juniors and 2 sophomores.

Led by coach Christian Mahaffey, the team continues to work to shape their offense and defense.

The group of 33 men have learned to take a hit and to hit back even harder.

Not only did they strive to the end against much larger teams in their first two games against Bella Vista and Jesuit, but they also came back from those losses to win against Golden Sierra and Davis.

Having practiced since last spring, the team has altered many of their tactics.

“We have come a long way from the start. We have a lot of skilled players and we put in a new offense and even though it has taken a while to learn, we’ve finally got it down,” says senior and wide receiver Matt Laffey.

According to senior and slot receiver Zack Suarez, quarterback and senior Mark Lyon, “is a tough guy who can take a hit and can throw under pressure.”

The boys are relying heavily on Lyon to lead them to victory in league.

As last year’s varsity team went 2-3 in league, this year’s team hopes to surpass the old records.

“This year I hope that we get at least 3-2 in non-league and win league,” said running back senior Darrin Nishi.

“But most importantly, we need to beat El Camino.”

The pre-season games have only prepared the team for their first league game against Cordova on Oct. 5.

Nishi has some suggestions as his team goes into this seminal game.

“On defense we’ve really got to work on stopping the run game of our opponents,” he said.

“Otherwise, I’m pretty confident it will be an easy win.”

Varsity is currently sixth out of seven in league, above Cordova.

In total, the team will play five league games this season.

First, they will face off against Cordova.

That game will be followed by games against Whitney, Mira Loma, Antelope, and finally rival El Camino.