Proposition 38 Will Help California Schools

Catherine Woo, Guest Writer

Are you the next President of the United States? Or how about the next J.K. Rowling in the making that will be the new best-selling author?

All this and more is possible with the help of a strong education provided by your local public school.

However, since 2008, $20 billion has been cut by the government from the education budget, which has consequently deprived the younger generation of a valuable education.

Proposition 38, proposed by attorney Molly Munger, plans to restore the California education system by implementing an increase in personal income taxes set for 12 years to provide funds for public schools and early childhood education.

This simple tax increase will raise $10 billion annually, or $1,000 per student, to restore schools and guarantees those funds to California schools only.

California provides educational services to about 6 million public school students.

Students, especially in grades K-12, depend on a strong education from their local schools to influence positive, future working habits.

Schools must have the adequate funding to offer the best teachers and programs. Proposition 38 guarantees that the new education dollars will go straight to every local school and must be only used to restore cuts.

Politicians will not be able to use, borrow, or influence the money collected for the educational programs.

When people hear the word education they automatically think of reading, writing, and arithmetic. However, a quality education also includes the visual arts, music programs, and extracurricular activities that are essential for student success.

Proposition 38 will provide students with a well-rounded education and will help fund any visual arts programs, the music department, and gym maintenance.

Rio Americano’s distinguished band program allows talented students to perform at a nationally recognized level at band competitions.

Band teachers, broken instruments, and travel competition rely on the school’s funding to provide the best music education possible.

The funds from Proposition 38 can also aid in the construction of a new theater for the drama department.

Proposition 38 ensures a better educational future for younger students and guarantees money for all local schools.

The tax increase on the individual will depend on job income, making the effects of the proposition unique to each person.

Taxpayers will help secure 12 years of annual income for the public schools and early childhood development programs.

Proposition 38 can provide endless opportunities to improve Rio Americano’s education and ensure a brighter future filled with students who had the best school opportunities available.