Finding Nemo 3D


Raeanna Reynolds, Staff Writer

“Finding Nemo” one of America’s most beloved films, is now available in 3D. But is it actually worth the money?

When Nemo swims away from home, his father, Marlin, goes on an exciting journey to find him. Along the way he encounters many obstacles, including sharks and jellyfish, until finally, he meets a pelican that takes him to his son.

This is one of my favorite Disney-Pixar movies, but to see it in 3D was quite the disappointment. The 3D conversion didn’t change any of the scenes in the film and it still felt the same as when I had first seen it in 2003. The sharks weren’t any more scary than before, and the ocean didn’t look any bluer or bigger.

3D is supposed to make the film really pop out, and with chases by sharks and seagulls plus those wonderful scenes with the sea turtles, “Nemo” seemed to offer a great opportunity for 3D effects. But adding the extra dimension to the already exciting original only gave me a headache and is definitely not worth the extra money. Not many things came out of the screen to the point where you could “touch” them. So, adding the 3D element was completely unnecessary.

Whether in 3D or 2D, “Finding Nemo” is still an amazing underwater adventure. Those chase scenes that scared us when we were little kids are still just a scary in high school. And the movie still offers great characters, humor and a sweet message to parents about kids trying to find a little independence. Who can’t relate to that?

It was a good experience, but if you’re not a fan of 3D movies but you love “Finding Nemo,” I’d just recommend staying home and watching the original film.