Borderlands 2 Review

Theadore Buffington, Features Editor

The new release of Borderlands 2 welcomes vault hunters back into the arid world of Pandora.

Unlike the last game, Borderlands 2 has improved every area of gameplay with new skills, a story, interactive characters, and of course 87 bazillion more guns.

There are four new classes in the game: Axton the soldier class, who can deploy turrets; Salvador the ‘Gunzerker,’ who can dual wield any gun and go on rampant killing sprees; Maya the Psychic who can use a singularity that holds enemies in the air; and Zero the assassin, who can send out decoys of himself and turn invisible. And a special pre order character, Gaige the Mechromancer, who can raise robots from the grave and use them to fight by her side.

Those who have played the first Borderlands will see some familiar faces in Borderlands 2. Every playable character in the first game will reappear in Borderlands 2 and play an important role. You will even run into some old favorite characters, like Scooter, who will get you a new ride. Marcus, who will rip you off, and plenty more.

Borderlands 2 has slightly improved graphics, which is based off the original concept art. The graphics are notorious for looking cartoonish, which is reflected in the dialogue. Throughout the game you will hear foul language and goofy dialogue coming from NPCs. All throughout the game you will notice Handsome Jack popping in and out of your communications and ranting about how he hates you and everything you work for, but in a comical manner.

In Borderlands 2 you will find yourself in more varied terrains like glaciers, forests, grasslands, mountain ranges and deserts. Each terrain has a different type of enemy, including many new ones, but wherever you go. there will always be bandits or Hyperion.

I’d highly recommend this game and personally give it a 9.5 for exceeding my expectations.