Boogie or Hustle into a ‘Blast From the Past’

Jaden Perez, Feature Editor

With crazy costumes, exotic floats, and deafening cheers, Homecoming week always brings a rush of spirit.

The theme of the dance will be “Blast From the Past.” Student government hopes to incorporate elements from the 1950’s to modern times.

“The theme is going to be really fun and different,” said Sheridan Sanders, student body publicity representative. “There are huge ideas for the floats with decorations that will make us really get the time traveling feel.”

The Homecoming spirit week, from Oct. 15-19, will reflect the dance’s theme. Some ideas for possible spirit days range from, denim day to retro workout attire day and of course, Rowdy Raider day on Friday.

The football game against the Matadors will be played at home on Oct. 20. The JV game will begin at noon, followed by the varsity game at 2 p.m.

Junior President Yeagee Jung said, “The halftime of the varsity game will have the classic things like float competitions, princesses and performances, but student government is working hard to tie in the ‘Blast from the Past’ theme.”

“There are a lot of new people in the student government, so our plans are way better than last year’s.” Sanders said.